PRISMATE Cordless Aroma Tower fan with human sensor PR-F020


Energy-saving and cordless aroma tower fan

By making the tower fan cordless, the range of usage and usage location has become wider. The leather-like handle can be hooked onto the hook. The human sensor automatically turns off the power when there is no one. It is the fan that realized energy saving and space saving from function and design.


Energy-saving human sensor

Human sensor is an energy-saving design that automatically stops the working when a person leaves.

Easy to move and store

Rechargeable and cordless. The compact size makes it convenient to move and store anywhere

Ultra-fine wind makes stress-free use

Fine air volume adjustment from ultra-fine wind to maximum is now possible. By setting it to a ultra-fine wind, it keeps the stress-free feel because wind pressure does not matter.

The tower shape saves space

Space-saving design suits for kitchens and dressing rooms. It can be used even when the handle is hooked on the hook, making it ideal for air circulation in tight spaces.

With aroma tray

Please use a few drops of your favorite aroma. Please enjoy aroma fragrance with wind.

2m USB cable

You can use it with your smartphone adapter. The included 2m USB cable can be used in a wide range during charging.

Auto off function

A built-in auto-off timer turns the power off in 7 hours.


Product Number PR-F020
Product Name Cordless Aroma Tower fan with human sensor
Material Main body : ABS/TPE, Blades : AS + 15% glass fiber, Aroma tray : PP, Air filter : PVC
Set Contents Main body, Aroma tray(equipped an aroma pad), USB cable, Manual(with Warranty)
JAN -WH(White):4944370035865
-PR(Pale red):4944370035872
-DG(Dark gray):4944370035889
S/CODE A-4980-6
Size[Approx.] 100×80×384mm
Weight[Approx.] 785g
Charging battery Lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V 2000mAh
Consumed power[Approx.] 5W
Power cable[Approx.] C type USB cable : 2m
Wind direction control Up-down 60°(Manual)
Air volume control Non-step
Charging time[Approx.] 5hours
Range of human sensor[Approx.] Up-down 60°, Left-right 60°
Distance of human sensor[Approx.] 1.8m
Reaction time of human sensor[Approx.] 2minutes
Continuous use time[Approx.] 7hours(Weak)~2hours(Strong)
Auto off [Approx.] 7hours