Cozy 3 in 1 Chair Baby chair (With Cover)



Designed by : Ms. Jutamas Buranajade and Mr. Piti Amraranga from o-d-a (object design alliance)

High and low, and a chair that can be used in three ways according to the rocking chair and the scene with the legs that can be easily replaced. The gentle curve design that makes you feel warm, exclusively from the young designer unit of "o.d.a.". The Cozy 3in1 is the winner of the Good Design Award 2014. 

The Cozy 3in1 Baby Chair has three functions – high chair, low chair and rocking chair. Made from wood and metal, it looks stylish and a feeling of hospitality. Also, Cozy fits every interior perfectly. You can choose your favorite color for the chair body and cushion. So, you can find the best combination of colors. You can attach the table when your child draws a picture or for feeding time. The table is removable. In addition, the baby chair has front guard, so you can use safely for your child with the shape of the chair cushion tucking your child tenderly.

Target Age: From 7 months (when able to sit) to 60 months (about 5 years old)

High Chair: W47.5 × D51 × H75.5 cm / Seat Height: 49.5cm
Low / Rocking Chair: W37 × D55 × H46.5 cm / Seat Height: 20.5cm

Seat Width: 22.5cm
Table Size: W33.5 × D20.5 cm

[At the time of High Chair] 

  • Floor to Table Height: 67cm
  • Floor to Step Height: 32.5cm
  • Step to Seat Surface Height: 17cm

[When at Low Chair] 

  • Floor to Table Height: 38cm

Body Weight: High Chair: 6.2kg / Low Chair: 4.4kg
Material: Beech wood (laminated plywood) / Leg part: Steel (powder coating) / Cushion: Polyester
Functions: 3-in-1 High Chair ⇔ Low Chair ⇔ Rocking Chair
Conformance Criteria: EN (EN 14988: 2006) / European Standards