Katoji Mini Size Folding Baby Bed



***Please note: The storage door must be locked firmly when the floorboard is in the middle position, the baby may fall down if the storage door opens unexpectedly, which is extremely dangerous.
After closing the storage door, be sure to check that the lock is securely applied. 

Conformance Criteria: PSC · SG / Japanese Standards


In order to choose safe baby equipment:

Baby beds are designated as "special specified products" in the Consumer Products Safety Act, and in addition to ensuring safety through inspection by the business operator themselves, compliance inspection by a third party organization is mandatory.

All infant beds (baby beds) handled by our company are products that passed safety inspections. Please use it at ease.

[What is SG] The SG mark is an abbreviation for "Safety Good = a safe product" and is a mark established by a special authorized corporation and a safety product association established based on the Consumer Products Safety Act (promulgated in June 1958). The Safety Product Association sets safety standards at the same level as the country and can be attached only to products certified as "This product is safe".


Item Number 02700 (White)
02800 (natural)
(Described on the back of the floor board)
Target age Newborn ~ 24 months or less
Size ◇ Outer dimensions: width 66 × length 97 × height 94 cm
◇ inside dimension: 90 × 60 cm
◇ Folding: W97 × D14.5 × H 94 cm
Weight Approximately 15 kg
Material Melnak (from Malaysia)
Floor plate: MDF
Painting Painted lacquer
Function ◇ foldable
◇ 3-stage adjustment of floor plate height
◇ With easy caster
◇ With storage door
Warranty period One year from purchase
Criteria for conformity PSC · SG