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WOW WAO Middle Chest 60

WOW WAO Middle Chest 60

Size:W600 × D420 × H1020mm
①引出し内:W516 × D310 × H80mm
②引出し内:W516 × D310 × H140mm

Material:北海道タモ Hokkaido Ash (NA)

Coating:Urethane coating

Leg shape:Round leg / Panel leg

Handle : Leather

Leather colour:Natural / Navy / Burgundy / Deep Green

Made in JAPAN

Please note that we have a production period of about 45 days.

We use ash wood from Hokkaido. The border of the sapwood is clear, the sapwood is pale yellowish white, and the heartwood is dull brown. Annual rings are clear. Sometimes it has a beautiful heather.

Leg shape
Leather colour
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