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AEROFLOW Facet Mattress topper - Thick 50mm


The next generation mattress, the AEROFLOW Facet, encloses your body with our unique structured hexagons. Placed on your mattress, the Mattress topper makes your sleep more comfortable.

  1. Honeycomb structure softly encloses your body with hexagons.
  2. Comfort just like being a baby held by a mother. Employed material reproducing the warmth of human skin.
  3. Outstanding air breathability thanks to the uncountable slits The outer cover is hand-washable.

Single - 970 mm (W) x 1950 mm (D) x 50 mm (T)
Semi Double - 1200 mm (W) x 1950 mm (D) x 50mm (T)
Double - 1400 mm (W) x 1950 mm (D) x 50 mm (T)

Inside material: Polyurethane foam

Side fabric: 100% polyester; Bottom fabric: 100% cotton

 Made in Japan