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KATOJI Fanica Wooden Baby High Chair

KATOJI Fanica Wooden Baby High Chair

Size : W515xD595xH820mm
Seat size : W410×D240mm

1st to 3rd steps Seat height
1st step: 57cm
2nd step: 53cm
3rd step: 49cm

Fabric : Blue / Brown / Red / Matcha / Turquoise

Material : Beech wood



Katoji Fanica Wooden Baby High Chair

The seat cushion is fluffy and has a low resilience material. Comfortable chair for babies and adults alike.

The seat cushion uses a new material called "Ultrasuede®" from Toray Industries, Japan. Ultrasuede® is a cushioning sheet of low resilience material. Because it is fluffy and soft material, the comfort is excellent. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a wet towel. You can easily clean it. Since it is a suede material, it has water repellent for a short time. It is safe because it is safe to get wet.


Target Age: From 7 months (when able to sit) to adults (Adults can also use it if you set the footrest as a seating surface. Load capacity 60kg)

[Chair Body] W51.5 × D59.5 × H82 cm

  • Seat Surface: W41 × D24 cm
  • Seat Height: 1st Step: 57cm / 2nd Step: 53cm / 3rd Step: 49cm
  • Footrest Size: W41 × D26 cm
  • Table Size (Plane): W45 × D18 cm (with recessed area)
  • Distance between Backrest and Guard: Approx. 22cm (Upper End)
  • Backrest and Table Surface: 25cm (Upper End)
  • Effective Width: 28cm between Backrest and Guard

Weight: Approx. 8.8kg
Material: Beech wood, polyurethane coating / Ultrasuede®: Polyester 80% [microfiber: 47% (using recycled resources) / polyester: 33%] · polyurethane 20%

Daily Care:

  • Brush gently with an etiquette brush to remove dust and deposits to maintain a suede-like soft texture.
  • It is more effective to remove dust regularly with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with warm water squeezed white cloth or sponge.
  • Partial Stains: When spilling drinks, etc., lightly wipe with wet tissue paper to remove stains and dirt easily.
  • Oil Stains: Wipe them off with a dry cloth or tissue paper as far as possible. Next, tap the dirt inward with a cloth soaked with benzine, and then pat off the dirt and benzine with a dry cloth and blot it off. Repeat as necessary.

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