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PRISMATE Cordless Mini Living Fan with mobile battery function PR-F038

PRISMATE Cordless Mini Living Fan with mobile battery function PR-F038

living room fan became to rechargeable. and it has become so compact size.

A completely new living room fan that has a much wider range of usage. Reducing the size and keep convenience of the living room fan by rechargeable function. Moving and storing is very convenient. A smart and convenient with a enough air volume, automatic swing function, rythm function, and 95 ° up down angle adjustment. Mobile battery function is useful in emergency. This is a fan that can be used as a circulator all year round at private space and make a comfortable daily life from the wind.

As a circulator

The angle can be adjusted 95 ° up and down, so it can be used all year round as a circulator that circulates air in private spaces.

Make smaller

It has an automatic swing operation function. Recommended as a living room fan as well as helping to dry the washed clothes in the room. Small and smart partner of your living.

Auto off function

A built-in auto-off timer turns the power off in 7 hours.

Easy to move and store

Rechargeable and cordless. The compact size makes it convenient to move and store anywhere.

Design for interior

For use it in the room all year round, Focused about the coloring and leather strap that fits the interior.

nergy-saving and powerful wind

The secret of sufficient wind power even it is cordless is a DC motor. It produces a powerful wind while saving energy.

2m USB cable

You can use it with your smartphone adapter. The included 2m USB cable can be used in a wide range during charging.

As a mobile battery

With mobile battery function. You can charge your mobile phone anywhere. It is a function that useful on even in an emergency.

Easy to clean

The front guard can be removed, daily maintenance is easy.

Product Specifications

Product Number PR-F038
Product Name Cordless Mini Living Fan with mobile battery function
Material Main body : ABS/Aluminum/Leather, Blades : PP
Set Contents Main body(lithium ion polymer battery built-in), USB cable, Manual(with Warranty)
JAN -WH(White):4944370035681
-DG(Dark gray):4944370035704
S/CODE A-3480-6
Size[Approx.] 165×140×290mm
Weight[Approx.] 535g
Charging battery Lithium ion polymer battery 3.7V 4000mAh
Power supply DC5V/2A
Charging time[Approx.] 4hours
Output DC5V 2A
Consumed power[Approx.] 7W
Blade size[Approx.] 5.7inch (Approx.14.4cm)
Wind direction control Up-down 95°(Manual), Left-right 90°(Automatic)
Air volume control 3levels (Weak, Middle, Strong) +Rhythm mode
Continuous use time[Approx.] 7hours(Weak)~4.7hours(Strong)
Auto off [Approx.] 7hours(Swinging mode auto off 3hours)
Power cable[Approx.] USB Cord:2m(typeC)
Rhthm mode Yes
Swinging mode Yes(Auto off 3hours)
blade numbe 5
Compatible Number CS-H597,CS-H380



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