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PRISMATE Rechargeable Portable Humidifier long PR-HF028

PRISMATE Rechargeable Portable Humidifier long PR-HF028

Dokodemo mist Uruoi hakobu -Anytime, anywhere, don't dry-

There are many places which is dry, for example office, car or hotel and so on. The rechargeable humidifier makes your wishes which you want use humidifier easily come true. Even if you feel dry, you can get moist.


New sensation

It's rechargeable and compact size, so you can take it anywhere. You can make comfortable place anytime anywhere.

Off timer

It can be set off timer for 1/3/5 hours,so if you forget to turn off, it can be off. It's good to use before sleeping at office.

Double touch control for prevention from wrong operation

You can control it by double touch (to turn ON) for prevention from wrong operation, while you take it in the bag.

It's hard to shed water

The lid has silicon packing. So it's hard to shed water, even if you knock it over.

Colorful 4colors

We have smokey pink, powder blue which are trend colors and white, brown which can suit any interior.

You can charge it with USB cable

You can charge from mobile battery and PC and so on with USB cable. Of course during charging, you can use anytime anywhere.

Product Number PR-HF028
Product Name Rechargeable Portable Humidifier long
Material Main body : ABS, Water absorbing stick : Cotton
Set Contents Main body(with Water absorbing stick and spring, lithium ion battery built-in), USB cable, Water absorbing stick x 2pcs, Manuall(with Warranty)
JAN -WH(White):4944370033236
-PB(Powder blue):4944370033229
-SP(Smoky pink):4944370033250
S/CODE A-2900-8-3
Size[Approx.] 118×40×163mm
Weight[Approx.] 277g
Charging battery Lithium ion battery 3.7V, 2500mAh
Power cable[Approx.] USB cable : 750mm
Humidifying performance[Approx.] 50ml/h±20ml
Tank capacity[Approx.] 350ml
Recommended space[Approx.] Personal
Charging time[Approx.] 3.5hours
Off timer 1/3/5hours (auto aff)
Remarks It can be used for 8-9hours with full battery.
Compatible Number CS-G987,CS-G963

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