Sun & Style PURAE open bookshelf


150 - Width 150 x Depth 28 x Height 70 cm

180 - Width 178 x Depth 28 x Height 70 cm

Material / color Surface material / Printed decorative plywood
Color / Brown / Natural
Country of origin Japan
Use Bookshelf Bookshelf Cupboard Free rack Open shelf


-The shelves can be adjusted to the desired height at a pitch of 6 cm.
-Couch back shelf with a width of 150 cm-A shelf that
can be selected from two colors.
・ 2 size series variations
・ A shelf with a simple design that fits comfortably in your room.
-It can also be used as a side table of a sofa by placing it behind the sofa.
-You can place various things such as reading magazines and remote controls, and you can make effective use of the space.
-The central shelf is removable.
-Uses a beautiful wood grain pattern sheet.
-There are 2 sizes of shelves with excellent storage capacity.