Collection: KARLSSON for better times

Karlsson is a world-renowned Dutch clock brand. The Karlsson brand is synonymous with high quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. This is the result of a unique collaboration between national and international designers and our own creative team. The Karlsson collection is updated twice a year and can be split into the following subcategories. 


Since the birth of the brand in 1980, Karlsson has been famous for the traditional railway station clock. These Original clocks are basic in design and colour, functional and timeless. The hours are indicated with the recognizable Karlsson numbers or plain stripes. 
Forever timeless!

World class

Karlsson’s World Class clocks are designed with the ultimate in class and style. World time clocks, Flip clocks, Digital clocks; each individual model is sophisticated. The design is modern and completes any interior. 
A league of its own!

Clocks that speak with the materials they are made from; ceramics, wood, crystal, glass or aluminium. Every clock is an icon.  The use of  light and 3-dimensional shapes, .enables these natural and robust clocks to create the just the right atmosphere in your living environment. 
Experience time!


Your favourite clock says a lot about who you are and what you like. Strong graphic designs, do–it-yourself elements and quirky  details make every clock unique. A clock that will add your identity to any room. 
Just do it in time!