Collection: WOW


平成17年にIFDA2005においてゴールドリーフ賞受賞作品ソラヘやIFDA2011ハーフチェアを手掛けるなど、高度な加工技術とデザイン性をあわせもった、ワークショツプへと進化を続けてきました。シンプルなデザイン家具を主流に、デザイナーによるチェアやソファそして、アイデアが盛り込まれた多彩な家具を創り出す、ワオ。数多くのデザインコンペ受賞作品を製作し、国内外問わず作品の出展に力を入れています。 それと同時に旭川の家具業界を引率してきた同社は、いまや世界中にも旭川家具の認識を広げるべく飛躍しています。

Behind the beauty lies the consideration of woodworkers

In 2005, we worked on the Gold Leaf Award-winning Sorahe and the IFDA2011 half chair at IFDA2005, and have continued to evolve into a workshop that combines advanced processing technology and design. With simple design furniture as the mainstream, designer chairs and sofas, and a variety of furniture that incorporates ideas, wow. We have produced many design competition winning works and are focusing on exhibiting works both in Japan and overseas. At the same time, the company, which has led the Asahikawa furniture industry, is now making great strides to spread awareness of Asahikawa furniture around the world.